Was anyone here trading in the late 90s?

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  1. What trading software did you use?
    What were the platforms like back then?
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    I attempted to trade stocks back then. Used MB Trader (It was called something like that). I had to pay $250 a month in fees. Didn't have any success, but I was trading from work. Yeah, I know. I remember I made $800 in like 10 minutes in one trade and was on top of the world. Lost it just as fast.
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    I used REDI, part of SLK before GS buyout.
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    A few but one of the best at the time was CyberTrader, until it was acquired by Schwab. :mad:
  6. Scottrade!
    I remember the sketchy quote screen.
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    I think Scottrade is still "sketchy"..

  8. There are many banks offer that service at that time. It is mostly very simple platform, but pretty much enough.
  9. I "invested" through eTrade, a couple dozen stocks in total. Every one of them went up, but I knew nothing of profit targets or stop losses and believed the buy-and-hold myth. Rode half of down to losers, and gave up about even.

    I still have an account there, and eTrade hasn't really changed.
  10. i traded at momentum securities back then using the m-trade software. the only downside was paying around $30 per thousand shares traded. the biggest difference i remember is there were no hot keys, every order execution was a bit more involved.
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