Wars and Gold

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  1. High gold price are indicators/signals of Wars. With rising ''food inflation'' yes it's a precursor to war and social chaos like in middle east. All wars have economics as the reason for the war. Gold had reached $1507 per ounce today.

    Elitetrader members and viewers are born to fight wars.
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    US Gov't debt and the harm it will soon cause US citizens and the world are the reason precious metals are going higher. More damage is being done in that arena than any other, currently.
  3. USA population is 5% of world population.

    USA economy is 20% of world economy.

    So USA factors and problems will not result is major change in Gold price. Other major world events are increasing Gold price.

    Gold is accepted/valued by all 192 countries.
  4. There are unconfirmed reports that Google will be shut down for major cleaning since google is spreading the shit(pornography) all over the internet and world.

    42 USA Senators ask federal prosecutions of adult pornography.

    "We write to urge the Department of Justice vigorously to enforce federal obscenity laws against major commercial distributors of hardcore adult pornography," the senators wrote. "We believe it is imperative that the Department, with cooperation by the FBI, investigate and prosecute all major producers and distributors of adult obscenity. We need your leadership."

    We know more than ever how illegal adult obscenity contributes to violence against women, addiction, harm to children, and sex trafficking. This material harms individuals, families, and communities and the problems are only getting worse," the senators added.

    The above could be a possible reason.
  5. Something is going on over the internet. I have received the signal. We will come to know in coming days.
  6. I think in year 1970, Gold price was high. That same time there was serious risk of USA - Russia War. Correct me if I am wrong?
  7. Beatrice, no one would ever entrust you with real important information. I wouldn't concern yourself with what you've heard.

  8. Bearice, I think you may be insane. I dont know if you notice it, but you are now randomly answering your own posts and talking about different subjects the same way crazy people just say stuff completely at random.
  9. I am not answering my own posts. I post when I remember something more. I discuss current world situations with many people and when I get more information I post in elitetrader.
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    Gold in euro hasn't been going anywhere in the last 10 months ! It's just the USD going down the drain ...
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