Warren Buffett's interview on CNBC..

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  1. He's smart. He continues to say nothing in interviews.

    "The Big Whale" huh? What could "The Big Whale" be?
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    This "large acquisition" talk from Buffet is quite a departure. First off, everyone and their brother has been doing large acquisitions over the past two years. you would think Buffett would have been first to the mega-buyout party, not last. Second, U.S. valuations are completely out of line with his valuation methodology. If he were to make a large acquisition, I think it would be international.

    Has anyone applied for his CIO apprentice position?
  3. I couldn't agree more.

    I do think it's going to be a record-breaking acquisition.. $46 billion is a lot of cash...
  4. Liz Clayman acts like she's a gitty 16 year old school girl talking to the high school football quarterback.
  5. Haha.. yeah she does.. Hummer backstage for stock tips??? He did have a shitgrin on his face.....
  6. As of Dec. 2006, He (Mohnish ) has returned an annualized 26.2% since inception in 1999, not too bad...
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    Perhaps he's turning bearish and is just trying to cover his tracks with this kind of talk.
  8. Maybe Warren just needs a replacement so he can live out his one true dream
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