Warren Buffett: 'We’re coming back, no question in my mind'

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    Buffett: 'We’re coming back, no question in my mind'

    When Warren Buffett looks at America's economy, he sees recovery.

    In an exclusive interview with Yahoo! News and the Huffington Post, Buffett disagreed with New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman, who wrote recently that he fears the U.S. is in “the early stages of a third depression.”
    Watch Buffett’s analysis of the economy here:

    In the interview, Buffett says “we’re on the right course” and encourages President Obama to speak with “enormous confidence” about the country’s economic future. He says that the stimulus is working and that the economy will improve in the next two or three years.

    “We’re hiring,” he adds, referring to many of his Berkshire Hathaway companies.

    Buffett spoke from Sun Valley, Idaho, while attending the Allen & Company conference, an annual gathering of technology and media leaders. You can see all 12 Buffett clips on Yahoo News' Newsmakers channel.

    — Anna Robertson and Erin Green produced the interview for Yahoo! News.
  2. Sell Brka.

    Stay tuned...

    "....equity analyst Meyer Shields of Stifel Nicolaus slapped the dreaded sell on Warren Buffett’s baby Thursday, citing economic weakness and the potential “double whammy” that the recent stock market correction might mean for Berkshire’s equity portfolio and derivative positions. (He previously had the stock at “hold.”)
  3. Go ahead and bet against Buffett:cool:
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    I will Gladly bet against the current economy, there is nothing left this time to stimulate economic growth, we have went to far, in the 80's interest rates were in the high teens, so cutting them led to a strong economy, then came the tech bubble, then the housing bubble, to bail that out. Plus Regan was doing his best to create private sector growth while Obama is doing just the opposite, Regan's policies led to years of prosperity, Obamas will lead to total collapse.

    Every G20 country in the world has printed as much money as they can without defaulting, interest rates are at zero, and there is no bubble this time to bail us out, the fed has nothing left that they can do to stimulate the economy. If the government starts cutting spending we shed jobs, so that wont work either, the only way out is hyper inflation, or else World War III, in other words we are fucked.

    The U.S. government may print enough money to sustain current levels so we may not see a serious decline in the market but we will see a drastic decline in standard of living for years to come, all because governments of the world, and particularly Obama, can not control themselves. Not to mention the fact that his new plan is to regulate companies even further, and ostracize businesses even further.

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  6. Well who wouldn't look like a genius when contrasted to the likes of krugman.

    Good ol warren is just talking up his positions after unwisely hitching his popularity to the obama train wreck.
  7. Well, aren't you guys special, putting a decent man, who also happens to be one of the world's richest, in his place. I bet he wishes he was as smart as you guys.
  8. May I quote you?
  9. Well guess that does make me special in that I don't worship anybody walking the planet. I call it as I see it. wb may be rich but his political sound bytes make him less than credible.
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    I am sure there was a joke here somewhere
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