Warren Buffett to powerful?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by bat1, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. bat1


    worlds richest man, also a stock trader
    he can move markets to his favor he can short markets to zero..he could bring us all to his knees even the great U.S.A.. since he owns many insurance company's
    and media ....it worries me he has to much power there could be no stopping
    him maybe the SEC but I doubt it..

  2. you worry too much
  3. He could die of a heart attack tomorrow. He's pretty old.
  4. plugger


    I wonder who is posting this? Who is bat1?

    Actually, I heard Buffet was shorting Google at $700. He's made a killing and I also heard that he was overheard laughing at all the Google bagholders over a lunch meeting.

    Charlie: "What are you going to order for lunch?"

    Warren: "Anything I want. I've made so much money shorting Google and other globalist smartie stocks. I'm so happy. The best part is that I've been manipulating the markets for my own gain. Ha, ha, ha."

    Charlie: "Ha, ha, ha. When the time is right, we'll buy up all those globalist smartie stocks real cheap. Ha, ha, ha. I think I'll have a fat juicy hamburger. All this money making has made me very hungry."

    No word of a lie. I really heard this.