Warren Buffett is becoming a pain in the rear end.

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  1. maybe buffet has forgotten more about money than most people will ever know
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    he's a shill, without getting too conspiratorial, lets take note of the ground we are dealing with here and get our footing...

    this guy makes billions, he made 350m in one day on a bank of america bet and then lost it the next...

    he probably has all of his assets tucked away in rockefeller charity "funds/havens" or in swiss banks or what have you

    his tax rates are extremely low, sure...

    but he wants to tax 1m+ earners? what's next when everyone moves their money offshore, 500k? maybe 250k?

    let's be real, he won't take a hit on this, and all the hard working execs and business owners who make 1m a year will get hurt baddddd...

    everyone knows that military spending, not taxes are the issue, but the military spending is necessary to prop up GDP SO...

    they need more taxes, and they need them quick, and who else to sell a tax on the wealthy but the oracle from omaha.

    he's an absolute shill
  3. does a ceo who earn 1 mill+ really work 10 times as hard as a ceo who makes 100k? I don't think so. If the first Ceo works 50 hours per week the second CEO must work 500 hours per week.
  4. Why do you deserve to get paid what you do?

  5. That's up to the board of directors to decide.
  6. The CEO makes 20m

    The board of directors decides it

    How much do I make?

    I'm the one that owns the company

    They never even asked me if I wanted to use some of my profits to put a new fountain in the lobby

    Sometimes I think if I ever break even I'm just going to sell and go raise chickens or something
  7. Actually it's up to the shareholders, but the corporatist thugs have hi-jacked the process. So yes, the good old boyz club usually decide what they'll pay themselves and their buddies.
  8. As to the proposal in the article from the op at least they are talking about a higher tax on one million per year and not the 250k that they kept bringing up before. I am not going to argue that a million a year is poor, but if you take a couple with four kids living somewhere expensive like NY or DC with a 250k income and say they are rich then that is ridiculous.
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