Warren Buffett has won his $1 million bet against the hedge fund industry

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  1. Arnie


    With 2017 over, Warren Buffett has sealed his victory over hedge funds in a bet he made a decade ago.

    The Berkshire Hathaway chairman in 2007 bet $1 million of his money that the S&P 500 would outperform a selection of hedge funds over the following 10 years. As of last week Friday, his S&P 500 index fund compounded a 7.1% annual gain over that period. The basket of funds selected by Protégé Partners – the managers with whom he made the bet – gained 2.1%, according to The Wall Street Journal.

    Buffett agreed to give the prize money charity. Girls Inc. of Omaha, a non-profit that Buffett has supported a number of times before, is the beneficiary.

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    As the saying goes....."Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"
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  3. But some of the most expensive, and desired, paintings sold looks like someone swallowed paint and threw up. and sat on around on it.
    It's Complicated. o_O

    Make Trading Great Again 2018, Mattz Zimberg Optimus
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    Yes, but they were the first ones to "swallow paint and throw up", hence the price. :)
  5. zdreg


    as in andy wahorl
    someone took a photograph and pasted it on a canvas.
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  6. toc


    Well done Mr. Buffett !! Wonder what was his logic behind the brilliant prediction made over 10 years ago?

    Guess he uses the same investment logic to buy stocks and hold them for decades.
  7. Arnie


    He bought the index....S&P 500.
  8. Conclusion: don't bet against Warren Buffett! :D
  9. S2007S


    buffet should give that $1,000,000 to bubble ben bernanke and yellen.......by throwing trillions and trillions and trillioms of dollars into the market and creating QE 1..2...and 3 bubble ben bernanke and yellen created this new market fed induced asset bubble.. without those multiple trillions the markets would have been 75% lower today....the prop job has been fine and dandy...and yellen is still bowing to wallstreet, remember the fed has to give wallstreet what it wants or it will cry like a little bitch..... remember this entire decade old bull market is nothing but fed induced with trillions of dollars!!!

    buffet donate that million to the fed...they helped you win that bet!!!
  10. S2007S


    His logic??? The fed was his logic...the fed spent trillions to prop up the market....of course he's going to win...there is zero logic involved when the fed is pumping markets with trillions of dollars and creating a zero interest market environment....
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