Warren Buffett gets bent over nothing really.

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  1. Taxable Income - 40 million

    Federal tax paid - 7 million

    effective tax rate - about 17%

    if he was forced to pay 25% that would give the gubmint
    an extra 3 million a year. 35%, an extra 7 mill. And this is
    the richest guy in the damn country.

    BIG FREAKING DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They'll spend that on lunch!!!

    Buffet is a tool, that is all.

  2. He isn't the richest in the "damn country". That would be Gates.

    How hard is it to spell? We're not talking rocket science, lengthy words or exotic accents. We're also not talking about an all-you-can- eat diner in a northern suburb of Detroit.

    Pssst, you're the one that initiated the thread. Too much time on your hands? Perhaps you could consider an elementary school spelling bee. Might be some prize money. Which in turn is probably MORE than you extract from the river of fish.
  3. dur, you're such a pathetic piece of shit to take such offence. play in traffic please.
  4. Its in the news, the ultra rich are not taxed the way it should be. Meaning, they save a lot in taxes.
  5. How does Warren Buffet experience income of about $ 62 million? I recall Warren Buffet is usually a buy and hold type investor, and Berkshire Hathaway class A and B stock do not pay dividends.
  6. The inconvenient truth that repubtards or teabaggers don't want to know or realize and ignore


    15% tax on the rich and 50% tax on the middle class has alot to do with the 79% losing out versus the 21%.
  7. benwm


    Why do the poor and middle class pay any taxes at all? Even 15% is too high if you are earning less than the median income. 50% or more is financial rape.

    Why don't the Democrats scrap taxes for the poorest? Obama said, "yes we can", but he can't.

    It is the same in the UK - we had a Labour government for over ten years and all Brown did was raise taxes by stealth on the poorest. Inequalities in the UK got bigger during their term.

    I can understand the logic behind taxing the rich more if there is a real benefit for the working class (=NO TAXES), but there never is.

  8. Look, this topic of the rich paying more taxes is just a distraction. Even if Warren handed over 100% of what he earned last year then will that solve the unemployment crisis? No. Will it pay the entire deficit? No. Lets say the 400 richest men in America handed over 100% of their entire worth, will that solve anything? No. Will the poorest segment of America get richer if Buffet is taxed at 100%? No.

    If you dont see this for what it is...a campaign trick...then you are truly stupid. It doesnt matter what they pay, it wont solve anything. Obama should be spending his time governing and thinking up ways that work instead of campaign tricks.

    The taxes have gone up on the poor and the middle class. Has healthcare premiums gone up? Yes. Has gas prices gone up? Yes. Has food prices gone up? Yes. Has the price of a stamp and the tolls you pay for the roadways gone up? Yes. Could Obama stopped any of that from happening? Yes.
  9. Good post.
  10. Uh... the top tax rate is 25? How did you arrive at that figure?
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