Warren Buffett doesn't have a cell phone or computer

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  1. Warren Buffett, the world's richest man.
  2. FS: Cellphone and computer. $1000 obo.
  3. How does that old saying go? Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see?
  4. I just finished his Biography 'The Snowball'. He has a computer but uses it almost exclusively to play bridge and surf porn sites.:)
  5. If someone like him had a cell phone, what are the chances that the number could get leaked to the public by an unscrupulous phone company employee?

    I'm kind of surprised this doesn't happen more often to famous people.
  6. =============
    Exactly Data-C;
    not to mention the risk to health perhaps, dead spots
    or honeybees[female workers ] dont like them:p
  7. maxpi


    Cell phones suck, they sound crappy, I get calls sometimes and they are breaking up, I just tell them to get on a real phone...

    But no computer!! No way, tell me it isn't true Warren!! How do you live like that... seriously, I would give up automobiles before the computer...

    The guy transacts something about once every other year though..
  8. Tums


    he drives a 10 yr old car.

    lives in the same unassuming house for ... ~50yr?
  9. LOL porn sites!

    And uses his cell phone only for call-girls!
  10. Maybe he does so on purpose, so all incoming calls and Emails are handled by his secretary (maybe several secretaries).

    So he may focus on really important things: Bridge and porn!
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