Warren Buffet's worst investment...BAC

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  1. Looks like this thing is a bottomless pit. I fully expect for this thing to be trading on the pinks, the government to break it up like they did with Ma Bell or maybe the government might step in with another AIG style bailout.

    Everyone stands to the side saying buy buy buy and cheerleads, but they did that with AIG, LEH and BSC too. BAC might be the next Lehman.

    Everyone is wrong at some point and this time Warren is in over his head. BAC is a lemon...
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  3. this guy does not waste money and has an amazing deal. buffet is the government bailing out a bank and getting richer off it. i would not be shocked if the government asked him to do it with offers of help if needed.
  4. Buffet's investment in BAC is backed by the full faith and credit of the President's Working Group on Financial Markets.
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    Didn't save Solyndra.
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    yep..dunno about deal details with BOA,but old man is no fool,backed by US gvt , and from your article -