Warren Buffet will go broke

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  1. he is telling the NY Times that he is buying stocks because peple are fearful. he has NEVER experienced a market/cris like this and i do not think he should be followed;its just dumb. keep in mind the government is probably hinting that he make these sorts of comments to ease investor worries. not gonna do it. thegoldman sachs buy was a favor to the fed. lets be real.
  2. this too shal pass. only question is how much time. buffett has staying power.
  3. he does but most people do not and if they buyu just because he is buying,thats a recipe for disaster. remember,he is ONLY HUMAN.
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    Define broke
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    How can he go broke when he has no debt?

    Buffett has experienced 1973-74 which was worse than this crisis. He studied under Graham who lived and invested through the 1930s.

    Basically your comments are poorly thought out. Typical internet message board flea trying to piss on an elephant.

    I'll add you to the list of ES shorts taking the other side of Buffett's trade, and we will see who comes out on top in 5 years. Let the record state that NY Hood is short the ES from 928.
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    i thought it was his personal account and not BRK, i think his personal account is only 1% of his wealth.
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    You really no clue what is going on, do you?
  8. he will prolly clean up in the long run

    No way Warren goes broke!
  9. Buffet buys value and sits on it.. usually as long as necessary.

    However, I disagree with his and others' assertion that today's prices represent "great value"...
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    All morning long cnbc has been talking about how he has been buying this and that, to be honest with you, who really cares, this is a different type of market place that has NEVER been seen before.
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