Warren Buffet wall to wall CNBC. Guy is a jerk.

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  1. On a historic basis you are absoloutely correct -- the rational for taxing labor at a higher rate was that it was locked in, it could not move. And of course capital always moved away from exxecisive taxation.

    One of our current problems is the way large sophisticated multi-nationals outsource they are effectively moving the work to a seperate pool of low wage workers.

    I think tax policies will need to recognize that the old concept of labor being "locked in" is outdated. It is now laborers who are locked in but the actual labor, although it is not as mobile as capital, is far more mobile than ever before.

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  2. Nice post.
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    People can't move but money can.. It is a matter of supply and demand.

    You meant it's a matter of balance of power right? Structure of societies changes only when balance of power between groups of people shifts. Nobody ever gave up power voluntarily. Reg. taxation, so called social democracy system is the most efficient predator ever designed. Kings and Queens of the past don't even come close.
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    WHO the HELL cares? :D :cool:
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    Actually, I don't know that the 2 are mutually exclusive (or that the 1st choice is not correct). :D :D :D

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    Social democracy:
    Lowest common denominator conspires with bureaucrats, they share the loot with big corporations which join in as much as their financial power allows. Majority- decent hard working people(small business etc) gets screwed.
    Big part of lowest common denominator are vultures called minorities which get something for nothing because it's relatively easy to pay them off.
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  7. Do you pay tax in heaven?
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    Capitalism has great appeal to me. I wish USA would give it a try. It might turn out to be better than the present system of joint government/business cartels and monopolies. Admittedly, more money can be made with monopolies and cartels, but there might be some benefits to capitalism that could potentially outweigh the money factor. (Who am i kidding?) I would still like to see us give it a try.

    If we decided to become both a democracy and a capitalist country all at once that might create too much up upheaval. Perhaps we should follow China's lead and introduce both practices slowly so as not to alarm the populace. :D
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    I agree that capital income should be taxed at the same rate as wage income

    But I'd argue that it already is. FIrst it's taxed as corporate income, then it's taxed as individual capital gains income

    But why should obama and 'the oracle of omaha' care?

    they've got theirs
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  10. amen brother!
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