Warren Buffet wall to wall CNBC. Guy is a jerk.

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  1. piezoe


    Of course you can make it up! And what does it matter. I have a picture of George Bush on my Refrigerator, and i am not making that up, but i could.. Get a grip.
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  2. piezoe


    Whatever, Pa(b)st. You're going to be very, very unhappy come November 2008. Pity.
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  3. Hmmmm. Turning a hedge fund into an insurance company through acquisition has to be one of the top 10 tax dives of all time. Let's see, if we operate as an insurance company, and write enough premiums to call all of my investments reserves then we won't have to pay a 40% corporate tax rate like everybody else and I can just leave all of my wealth in company shares and essentially pay no taxes ever...but I think the rest of the pesky humanity that walks in the country I call home should be happy to pay much higher rates to show how lucky they are to live there.
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  4. Eddiefl


    Hell, Che had more charisma and guts in his pinky toe than Boring-rack Obama has in his whole body.

    One a true revoluntionary fighting for rights of the downtrodden in a whole hemisphere, the other a supported by millions of dollars of slime political money and propped up by puppet masters.

    No comparison.

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  5. Cesko


    One a true revoluntionary fighting for rights of the downtrodden in a whole hemisphere, .......
    Right on, comrade.:D :D :D
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    its tax haven, not heaven
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  7. poyayan


    Income will always be taxed more than capital gain.

    People can't move but money can..:) It is a matter of supply and demand.

    I give you an example. The company I work for registered in Singapore, but almost all its R&D operations are in the US.

    Our customer assemble everything outside of US and our manufacturing is sub-contract out too. So, basically, our company only pay US tax when our customer sell its product back to US. All international sales has no US tax in it whatsoever.
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    Remember during the campaign for California Governor Schwarzenegger, Buffet gave advice to him that it's ok to raise property tax. If they did that, Buffet is plain wrong considering on today mortgage crisis.
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  9. Income tax is created to keep the middle and poor class stay at where they are. Removing the tax does not decrease tax collect by the government. By eliminate the income tax, people has more purchasing power, and spend more. In turn, the gov't get it back for corp/company tax.
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  10. Oh, good, let's turn the USA to a communist country. Why doesn't uncle Sam TAX 100% and give what people they need?

    I am worried that this country is going to a wrong direction too far. The FED bailout of those banks, reducing interest rate are against capitalism.
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