Warren Buffet wall to wall CNBC. Guy is a jerk.

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  1. Obama continually cites BUFFET as the guy who told him it was OK to raise capital gains to the 20%-25% range.

    Buffet isn't my friend.

    CNBC's wall to wall buffet is sickening.
  2. Just because he feels that he has enough money to be taxed like a European doesn't mean that the rest of us feel the same. Those high-tax parrots are disgusting people who want to punish success.
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    more incentive to be trader, rather than an investor

  4. Daal


    more incentive to trade through a corp in some tax heaven island and pay nothing instead
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    Amen to that! Many tax benefits to being an independent trader.
  6. Amen to this!
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    In certain European countries, like Belgium, Bulgaria, Netherlands, and Switzerland, people pay 0% capital gains tax. In some other European countries, capital gains are taxed more favourably than ordinary income:

    Estonia: 20%
    Finland: 28%
    France: 16%
    Germany: No tax if held more than one year.
    Hungary: 20%
    Iceland: 10%
    Ireland: 20%
    Italy: 12.5%
    Norway: 28%
    Poland: 19%
    Sweden: 30%

    So European style capital gains tax isn't so bad. I personally think the US should adopt the Swiss model.
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    Most of Buffet's personal income is derived from dividends, why should he give a rat's ass?
  9. Never heard Bluffett promoting higher taxes while he was taking advantage of lower taxes.

    He must figure now that he won't be around much longer, so as a parting gift to us all, our rich uncle wants to leave us with a special present to ease his conscience, buying his way into socialist heaven.
  10. Futures traders would get nailed heavily!
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