Warren Buffet -- Please Speak To The Nation, You Are Our Only Hope!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by TopTrader8, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. I think the populus may respect Warren Buffet more than they
    do the President currently.

    Maybe Warren Buffet can get the populus to see the error
    of their ways with his own TV spot on the major networks.:(
  2. Adobian


    May he could show the people how senile he has become lately?
  3. lassic


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  4. If he speaks, he will doom and gloom.
    So you sell at panic while he is buying (and he IS buying).
  5. Yeah,and Jimmy Buffett could provide the live music for the show.:)
  6. What would he say?

    As soon as you losers dump all your shares at cheap, much lower prices, I'll be ready to take them from you?

    btw, an entire country should NEVER put it's "hope" on 1 guy, whether it be a rich guy, president, congressman, etc.

    No use in "hoping"!

  7. He's a good investor (though he's had his share of flops), but his views are pretty far Left. Like the Hollywood elite, he can afford to be a liberal. As for his ideas on bail outs, I'd be suspicious...his own self-interest will come into play.
  8. Invest in businesses you know and don't take any wooden nickels.
  9. hajimow


    He is speaking. After his latest GS trade, he is scaring the street to push the house to pass the bill otherwise .....
  10. Warren Buffet is the past.

    Buy and hold is dead.

    He's bought so much trash and lost so much money lately, I don't know how he can command any respect.
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