Warren Buffet manipulating the markets.

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  1. Yeah the greediest of them all showed up on CNBC today smiling and dropping the " R " word bombshell knowing quite well what impact this will have on the trading world. While he stokes fears of recession he is busy accumulating bigger positions himself. Do what I say not what I do? Right?

    I had to think this through took me a while to grasp this by the bone.

    Warren Buffet wants to scare the daylights out of your manipulated asses. Why? Because he is an institutional trader. He is stoking your insecurity and fears. He is essentially a manipulator.

    Because he is ferociously accumulating positions himself when you are selling and the stocks are cheap and under valued.

    Its in his interest that he harks you and fools you blind. Never take words from the world's most ugliest greedy billionaire. He is on buying binges rolling his shirt sleeves while you make it easy for him.

    But you do not have the wherewithal or the nerve to buy right now ?

    Here is a piece someone wrote about him today read it:

    "It's worth noting, however, that his grim assessment of the current state of the economy aside, he continues to invest aggressively in stocks he believes are undervalued. Last month, he became the largest shareholder in Kraft (NYSE: KFT) and
    also picked up shares of GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE: GSK).

    The point is that investors seeking to emulate Buffett probably shouldn't be scared away from stocks by broad macroeconomic trends. Recession or no, Warren Buffett invests zealously in companies he believes in."

    Yeah right....
  2. He talks a mean book. WB is stumping for a democrat in office to make life insurance investment strategies attractive again...IOW, stupid high taxes on the wealthy.

  3. Be careful...
    Many institutions follow Buffett's words like Bible/God's words. The small investors will not have a deep pocket to go against them. I understand what you are saying but please don't bet against them. Never bet against Warren Buffett, we will NEVER win.


  4. Who is betting against him?

    Do not get manipulated by institutional traders including Warren Buffet. They get paraded before America with their own agenda. Whenever an institutional trader ( Goldman sachs, Merril Lynch etc etc ) sends a message its loaded dice.

    Did he say you should invest in stocks like he is doing? No he didnot, yet he blared the " R " words embossing your minds into another panic attack..

    Wisdom is in knowing what things are, not what they seem to appear.
  5. Yep, Day is not dumb enough to get "manipulated" by ol' Warren, no sir-eeee. He is going to hold those stocks all the way down!
  6. Day does not hold anything by his own admission he has 2k in his account LOL
  7. Is Warren at it again?

    Do I need to look at this stupid threads over and over....?
  8. Greedy? The guy pledged 90% of his net worth to charity. You can call Buffet many names but greedy is not one of them.
  9. There's no such thing as a stupid thread, just stupid people who make threads :)

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    WB is manipulating the markets as much as Jim Cramer or Goldman Sachs.

    At least WB doesn't reverse his position every few days like Jim.

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