Warren Buffet Just Endorsed Barack Obama on Bloomberg & Will Fundraise For Him

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  1. Pretty strong endorsement. He also is holding a ginormous fund raising dinner for him in three week.

    I wonder how many BSDs on Wall Street will follow?

    With Obama leading McCain by 15% this close to November, and with some heavy hitters in the biz/financial community lining up behind Obama, I'd be pretty worried if I were Charlie Black.

    Not expressing a preference, just an observation.
  2. hughb


    Barack Obama says that Buffet is not paying his fair share of taxes and Buffet endorses him. I don't get it.
  3. he's got his. Don't you see. Levitt, Pitt. They make it, and then find Jesus.

    Look at everything around you. You don't think Buffett had the power to come out and say, "enough!!!" "Stop it!" You don't think he could have stopped the fraud? So what good is he. Then he goes on TV, and notice it's always broads that interview him?

    Now, he endorses the far left. What's money - to him. You're screwed. I'm so sick of that bastard. Take a hike.
  4. I agree. You don't get it.
  5. Sorry, but it seems that there is no winning with you and those who are like minded. You have a rationale for everyone from welfare recipients to billionaires wanting better tax equity, and it's all bogus to you. It seems that everyone who disagrees with you is full of shit irrespective of their place in the economy. It also seems that all motives other than yours are...ulterior, and perhaps vaguely subversive.
  6. Buffett is the classic limousine liberal. I'm sure he couldn't care less, but it gets him glowing coverage in the liberal press. Basically a POS who wants to pull the ladder of opportunity up behind him.
  7. Once you open up a bag of labels, thinking becomes rather unnecessary, don't you find?
  8. Yes, Buffet is absolutely radical. I think he's on par with Malcolm X.


    If you actually look at Buffet and the way he lives his life, there's a lot of lessons for America to better itself in there: save more, consume less (don't run deficits), don't be an ego maniac, be humble, be charitable, and invest money in high quality companies.
  9. POS:

    to gloat and bloat how one takes advantage of "low'' tax rates, and propose a huge tax increase for the peasants or anyone who would like to make as much wealth as a buffett

    to suppress opportunity for anyone to become wealthier than a buffett

    to remain forever as the wealthiest man to have ever lived in inflation adjusted dollars
  10. Some of you are deluuuuusional.

    Buffet is giving his kids 10 mil a piece (I believe) - "Enough for them to do anything they want, but not enough to do nothing."

    The rest is going to charity. He lives in the same house in Nebraska he has for the last 40 years. He only recently bought a new Cadillac as a 'reward.'

    His most 'liberal' statement is that his secretary shouldn't pay a higher % of her income in taxes than he does.

    If you think that's liberal, and that he lives a liberal lifestyle, or is a hypocrite, you are on meth or crack or both.
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