Warren Buffet expects US to be nuked.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by MainFramer, May 7, 2002.

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  1. Today's Investors Business Daily quotes Warrent Buffet as saying a nuclear attack on US soil is 'a virtual certainty', and that he thinks Washingon D.C. or NYC will be the likely targets.
    It also says Buffet expects to keep running Berkshire 'for a while'.
  2. ... from his nuclear bunker, perhaps?
  3. Now that seems like a good bet; can he pick the day?
  4. The (very small) article said he did not predict when.

    Gosh, I hope its just him starting to believe his own "Oracle of Omaha" BS.

    I pray it never happens, but can anyone speak to NYSE's diaster recovery plans? I know NASDAQ is a distributed systems, but how distributed is it?
  5. Maybe they could come out with options on that ...
  6. liltrdr


    Buffet is a big holder of insurance stocks. Is that why he came out w/ such a statement? Hell yes!!! This guy's shady as fuck. The markets are skittish, people are frightened and he's trying to pump up his stocks.
  7. I do not think insurance covers being nuked ...
  8. I saw a taped interview last night. He said insurance co's would not insurance for terrorist acts. I really don't know what purpose him predicting a large scale terrorist act would be.
  9. TigerO


    Well, I think all he basically said was that it's more of a probability thing, as in having a highly visible target, people with a grudge, add that up and it's a question of time, like he said, you don't know if it's gonna be today or in 50 years, but the probability is there.

    That's really all he said.
  10. liltrdr


    Maybe it's just the logical conclusion. But it's nothing that needs to be said out loud. He's like a Greenspan. For whatever reason, people pay attention to him and he moves the markets. I don't question his statements. A nuclear attack is probable. I just take issue w/ stating that in a public forum. My best guess is that he wanted to move the market lower in order to accumulate some shares. Incidentally, the S&P dropped twenty points yesterday. When was the actual interview?
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