Warren "Buffed it" buffet !

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  1. yes, warren" buffed it" is only down 50 points in a month on GS.. he is the orcale of omaha if omaha was on mars that is.
    IS HE GONNA NOW INVEST IN gm AND GET 10% at 5 4 bucks a share only to see it go to zero! hey,he's no fool he still gets 10% which offers him some solice when GM is worth nothing.
  2. Has anyone faded his recommendation in last month buying American?

    Look pretty bleak;
  3. dumbass, he only invested $5 billion. Thats only a small fraction of Birkshire or his net worth.
  4. "Shoddenfroid" :cool:
  5. He is bleeding like a stuck pig. Buy and Hold. LOL
    He tried to call the bottom and get some of you suckers to jump in.
    He fucked alot of the dummy mom and pop grandma grandpa mutual fund buyers trying to guess a bottom.
  6. wow; name calling; yeah; Buffet is a dumbass.

    he was only sitting on somewhere around 30B and calling other to buy.

    He was such tool for fed, sucking its tits and telling everyone else to jump. LOL
  7. He is not down 50 points. He is getting 10% and the 115 strike is on warrants with a 5 year life, which means he has the right, but not the obligation to buy GS at 115 anytime between now and expiration, assuming they are American warrants and not European warrants. The only way he can lose in this deal is if GS defaults.

  8. CORRECTAMUNDO! And hasn't Paulson already worked it so that his buddies at GS are "not going down, regardless of HOW much it costs the US taxpayer"... ??
  9. GS could issue sell recommendations on the other components of the BRKA portfolio if they were to really become mean and nasty. Don't put it past them to do such a thing. :D
  10. You don't think anyone listens to them do you? Like oil going to 200 when it was at 140.

    Goldman is the biggest fraud in NY.
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