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  1. Back in April, Mr. Wildchild opened a Biden 2020 thread to consolidate some of the Biden posts, which I think has been helpful. So I have done the same for Warren, but I dont make any rules here. Post where-ever the spirit moves you to do so. Just sayin, it is there as a default.

    Tards should note that- out of my usual generosity of spirit- I have not captioned it as the Pocahontas thread. No need to thank me- I am a natural giver.

    It will still be all about Bernie for a while. Maybe up to 6-8 hours. :cool:
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    Stupid Grey Beaver is going to extract much wampum from the middle class because that is where the money is.
  3. If white boy no like Gray Beaver, indian girl has a plan for that.

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    Just, please dont say she’s from Oklahoma.
  5. Unfortunately, that is what they say in Taxachusetts as well.

    Not to worry, we will find a state for her.

    Maybe "Trujillo." It's a state in Venezuela.
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  6. As discussed, gonna be fugly when the dem civil war ramps up a notch. The summer months were predictably comprised of "I hate Trump more than anyone else" type of campaigning. But that is not what the stretch between Labor Day and Thanksgiving is going to look like. No indeed.

    Warren lovefest ending as 2020 competitors fear her rise

  7. The realize that jointly hating Trump is not going to get one of them the nomination. Time for some murder suicides a la Christie in next debates.

  8. Yeh. love it when people talk dirty like that.

    Fortunately for Joe, the dnc moved Tulsi out of the debates- so Joe does not have to listen to her take-down of him in regard to all his made-up stolen valor type stories. That would have been worth the price of admission.

    The other thing - and probably you are up on this but some others may not have been around the block- is that Joe and Warren truly hate each so that is going to manifest bigly at some point. They have wayyyy-back baggage bigtime and it is vitriolic as hell. People might say, yeh well, conflict between candidates goes with the turf and it just a dance and they all get over it in the end. Nope. They hate each other and Warren still wants to even some scores. Think Jared and Christie-like ....since you mention Christie.
  9. The lefties are playing high stakes poker.

    Bernie's climate green scam is already at 16 trillion.

    So now Pocahonky announces 3 trillion dollar climate scam plan.

    And then, Skankala immediately sees her 3 and raises it to 10.

    They are trying to out-bernie bernie, and we know that is not easy, but they are trying.

    Good thing they are just doing that with the government's money and not yours.

    Oh, and we need to get going, because we never had hurricanes before so this is a sign that things are going to hell. Nevermind, that the worst hurricanes on record in the U.S. were back in the thirties. Or something like that. The worst, I think, was the Galveston hurricane which was even further back than that. But I am pretty sure that the natives never had hurricanes in the carribean before those fucking white guys came.


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    Plot twist: Mexico will pay for it.
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