Warnings Of Secret Plans To Create International Central Bank

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  1. Ron Paul Warns Of Secret Plans To Create International Central Bank

    Steve Watson
    Friday, Nov 28, 2008

    Texas Congressman Ron Paul has warned that international forces are planning the creation of a global central bank that will see a new fiat monetary system come to dominate the world economy.

    The 2008 presidential candidate also warned that Barack Obama’s administration will only represent a change in faces and not in policies.

    Speaking about the recent G20 meeting Paul told Russia Today:

    “I think something will come of it but you probably didn’t hear about it yet. There was some pomp and ceremony that the public knew about, but behind the scenes they were talking about the future and what they are going to do to try to internationalize all regulations, going in the opposite direction of free market and more towards international regulations. I’m sure they even talked about an international central bank.”

    Paul also pointed out that global bankers have been holding their own talks on the same matter:

    “At the same time the G20 was meeting, we also had the central banks meeting in Europe. Bernanke was over there, and they are doing the same type of planning, so real planning will not be out in the open, until they want us to know about it.” the Congressman said.

    “The system that we have today where the fiat dollar is a reserve currency of the world, it’s losing that status and they have to replace it. Hopefully they’ll have enough sense to realise that another international agreement along the Bretton Woods will be no more successful than the last one.” Paul continued.

    The Congressman argued that more regulations administered by central banks, rather than placed on to central banks, represents a dangerous move away from the free market.

    “We could restructure by getting rid of all the central banks, then you would have honest money come up because nobody could commit fraud. Governments get away with committing fraud - that’s what fiat money is.” Paul commented.

    The Congressman warned that an Obama presidency offers no alternative to the economic policies that have led the U.S. and the world to the brink of economic meltdown. Paul Described the kind of change Obama offers as:

    “Just change in faces and change in party labels. Both parties represent the same special interests, they both have to represent big business. Obama’s supposed to be a man of the people, well he collected $750 million, more money than anybody else ever collected. Wall Street supported him, the media supported him, all the big money supported him, so his change is not going to be much change at all. He’s not talking about changing monetary policy, the Federal Reserve or getting rid of the income tax or bringing our troops home.”

    Paul also commented that he does not believe Obama will withdraw troops from Iraq and pointed out that he has never said he will close down the military bases throughout the country and eliminate the huge embassy in Baghdad.

    “Policy will remain interventionist,” the Congressman warned. “We will remain in the middle east and we will not be coming home, we’ll stay in Korea, we’ll stay in Europe, we’ll be in eastern Europe, we’ll be doing all these things. Even though Obama benefited tremendously from ‘change’, all we are changing is the face of our government.”

    Paul also warned that the stage has been set for fresh terrorist attacks in the U.S. as a consequence of a sustained interventionist foreign policy.

    Watch the entire interview here........ http://www.russiatoday.com/guests/video/1833
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    dont make me laugh!!

    Any site that promotes delusions like the 9/11 conspiracy theory is worth of just one place...the garbage can!


    It's very hard to know the extent of US government involvement in 9/11, the main issue that people have with what has happened is the numerous really strange events that took place that day leading to believe or at least consider that somebody in the US government had information about the plot and allowed it to happen. Throughout the history of mankind our leaders (no matter what race/religion) have allowed sacrifices of their own people to help the cause. It's a fact that majority of Americans are dumb, so they don't care about the fine print, the bold headlines will do just fine.
  4. Too bad THEIR calls are running over 90% the past decade.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a8Hk1-BpXO8

    Ignorance this time will not be your BLISS!
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    bal, blah, blah..................
  6. THEY love you!!! :eek:

    Keep your eyes closed, your mind off, and your mouth open.....THEY LOVE YOU!!! :eek:
  7. If you tell a lie often enough then you start believing in it yourself and eventually those around you will have a number who will start to believe it too as being the truth.

    Unfortunately there are a number of people believing these made up stories and not placing them where they belong. The garbage can is just too good for them, the sewer is a better place.

    AMT4SWA - I had a very high opinion of you through your trading exploits and I am finding the pumping of these made up articles by you highly disappointing.

  8. I don't see how a supra-national regulator fixes anything.

    That would be to transpose the U.S. model (where Greenspan effectively made the decisions - including the option to take a laissez-faire approach) - and thinking that failed model gets fixed by making it even bigger.

    As a world-wide crises that "no one foresaw", how does making a global central bank help - so that "no one" can see it there too?

    More local control is needed, with more local power. A larger mix of voices that have the power to affect policy is needed, not one dumb ox sitting on top who later says "I didn't see it coming."

    Someone once said "Too-big-to-fail means - make them smaller." Duh.
  9. Having voted for Paul (in CA, he was a write-in candidate), I was initially pleased that Obama won--but not for the usual reasons. I was pleased because it's so obvious that he represents the status quo in DC and that the only change we'll see is a different face in the oval office. I thought that the American public would finally come to its senses and recognize that our policies are broken and elect someone like Paul in 2012. But then I came to my own senses and realized that ~98% of American voters chose either Obama or McCain.

    So, as always before, Americans will continue to demand someone just like Ron Paul. But come election time, 80% will vote by party lines, while ~18% will be swayed by the candidate with the best ad agency and most eloquent speeches (even if those speeches were written by professional speechwriters and read using a teleprompter).
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    If what he says is true, why is he still alive?

    Please don't say that his assassination would attract attention. If this NWO cabal really existed there are a number of sophisticated methods of killing someone that didn't exist in 1963.
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