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  1. Barron can we hunt this lunatic down? Please forward the IP to the police/FBI asap.
  2. BSAM



    I don't know if it is related, but I received a PM entitled "The light of day".
    I did not even open it for fear it was related to this nonsense.
    I just deleted it.
    There was a notation beside the message title that said something to the effect that the user was deleted, so I suspect it was what is described here by Xpurt.
    Please do follow up on this pervert, as Xpurt suggests.
    Anyone else see this in your inbox?
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  4. benwm


    Unfortunately I got this message also.

    Baron - I echo the other poster's request the IP address to the police.
    Please take this matter seriously and confirm that you are doing so.

  5. tortoise


    I received as well. Please confirm that E.T. has referred this despicable activity to the authorities asap.
  6. Possession of child porn is illegal too. Got to report asap to protect yourself.
  7. tortoise


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  9. BSAM


    Got another one dated 11-28-11 05:22 AM.
    The subject on this one is "hello".
    The sender is listed as: [Deleted User]
    I simply deleted it, without opening, as I did with the prior PM mentioned in this thread.
  10. BSAM


    I have now disabled private messaging.
    Suggest others do the same.
    #10     Nov 28, 2011
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