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  1. Come on....the guy spends the first 10 minutes telling you that he is about to tell you something important. Why the hell cant he just get to it. Not to mention that you cant fastforward through the video to get to the good stuff which really isnt good stuff. Its all stuff we have heard before a thousand times on ET. He basically says that hyperinflation is going to hit the US and then wants to charge you $50 bucks (then $99 per year automatically billed) to tell you what to do which is likely common sense stuff like buy gold and silver and then he claims about a "secret" that only 1 in 1,000 investors know about that will make you 100% returns.

    Dont even waste your time with this video.
  2. Why are you such a troll?
  3. hayman


    Certainly not totally out of the realm of possibilities. China single-handedly could bring the U.S. dollar to its knees. I guess this guy is selling gold and silver commodities ? The video was too long to listen to the end.............
  4. The video person says "we warned investors to avoid Fannie and Freddie, Bear stearns, Lehman brothers and general motors. So I thought this is something important.
  5. something subliminal flashed me...I have this urgency that I must do something...

    I gotta go take a leak... cya
  6. This group and their many affiliates are a joke. They like to send me packets of info on how I can get in on government sponsored retirement no one knows about.
  7. I started listening to the video earlier today, boring, I did find the written transcript and I skimmed through it. Yawn. Good find Savant on the sec regarding this co.
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