Warning Trojan Found: MHTMLRedir.Exploit

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    My PC warned me three times about this trojan today.


    Here's where the trojan was found:

    C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\(the user)\LOCAL SETTINGS\TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES\CONTENT.IE5(or your current IE version)\OJ5BQEFH(or some derivative thereof)\COUNT[1].JS

    The warnings on my PC stopped after I set the action from "cure" to "delete".

    eSignal ran fine, but I had problems with Outlook.

    It may be old news, but with all of the viruses out there it's hard to tell what's new and not new.

    If anyone has addt'l info on this trojan, please advise. Thanks.
  2. Interesting. My McAfee anti-virus software also came across the same thing earlier today.
  3. Ebo


    I have picked that one up a few times by regular surfing on the internet. I had no problem quarantining and removing it without any damage. Its a dangerous Web!
  4. wtf?!! i can't send emails or post anything!! u guys think it's this virus?!
  5. Ebo


    Don't give to us!
  6. Bsulli


    MS released the patch for this on 4/13/04. If the machine is properly patch it won't get on your pc at all. I have upgraded numerous users machine for this exploit and the patch will prevent it from my experience.



    Good luck and good trading.