Warning to traders, there are some sophisticated SCAMS on ET

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by cold, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. cold


    There are people on ET who build up 30-40 posts to look legit

    then they start asking for people's phone numbers and emails

    to share their strategies

    man this is bad
  2. I got one too! Fuckers!
  3. so did i , i pm, i just deleted it .. scum bags .....jake
  4. cold


    The Scamer is smart

    he seems to target legit traders like me and Maestro
  5. for instance......?

  6. Why you call that a scam ?
  7. cold


    Cokie scamer name is Jake something

    as for you Cokie, you are basicaly Family here :D :D
  8. hahahahahahahahah

    Thank you for that.
  9. Sadly there are scammers, spammers, and general asshats invading almost every facet of internet life. My general rule of thumb is, if I don't know you personally then you aren't getting my name, address, phone number, or email address.

    Although I do have one advantage. I run my own mail server so IF I want to give someone a chance I give them a unique email addy that is an alias for my main account. Then if they start spamming, I delete the alias and my main email remains in tact. I do this for every company, web page, etc. that I have to register for.
  10. cold


    LOL Anek please don't tell me you feel left out :)

    Anek we know you are legit too okay :)
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