Warning to traders, please take this seriously

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    This thread will be more interesting to traders who backtest instruments.

    I already dislike some of you, nonetheless you all have a right to know the truth (shills and non shills alike.)

    Very soon World War will start thanks to US and Israel foreign policy, which is policy of aggression not diplomacy. Chart shows you attack on Iran in Nov which will mushroom into world war.

    Iran is not the country with troops all over the world waging wars left and right.

    It is our beloved USA.

    Iran is not the country that has nukes. Israel is the country with nukes and Israel wants to be the only one with nukes which gives it power to disrespect entire Middle East.

    Israelis claim that Iran would attack them in nuclear suicide, this is just skillful media spin.

    The chart shows you language distribution used by people on internet everyday around Planet Earth. The program identifies trends in language and extrapolates the trend. Correlation was found between important events and language used. The November trend is extraordinary in entire program history.

    This is not the war you want to wager on winning believe me.


    Program is Web Bot Project
  2. Dear Jeff,

    but how do you extrapolate what the 'language' will be three months out? i can understand some data mining if one had privileged access to web traffic but I am confounded how you know what's coming over the next three months.

    I do agree with you on your political position, however. The notion that Iran will engage in some sort of Nuclear Homicide Suicide is frankly LUDICROUS.

    A third war may unravel the American empire and cause untold hardships for Americans, Europeans and others.

    My sincere hope is that everyone reading this will CALL THEIR SENATOR AND CONGRESSMAN to let them know they are staunchly against a NEW war.
  3. Is the Y axis logarithmic?
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    Explanation is here, I am not the one who is working with this
    I am just a citizen who noticed the correlation, this is creepy stuff and this for sure is important when it comes to trading IMO

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    Agreed on all points!

    I was also wondering how the language could be determined in advance. Has me stumped.
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    Very interesting!

  7. He may be referring to web bot http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=web+bot+iran+war&aq=f
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    The big disclaimer in bold red type in his listed 'source':

    Please note that our interpretations are provided as entertainment only.

    IMO not very entertaining either. Since I'm an engineer and a technical guy and a technical trader I would want to see the data this graphical representation is based upon. And the rules-based filtering mechanism used to derive the data points. And how this data supports your ridiculous premise.

    Besides, we need some vol. I hate trading ranges.
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    They don't want to be sued.
    I for one saw enough of their reports to realize there is something to it. I don't ignore their warnings.
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    I don't have the time to read through the site, but will this evening. Are there any historical calls they made that proved accurate?
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