Warning to all NOOBS! Trading is not easy....

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  1. This is a warning to all the NOOBS that are just getting started. Usually I stay silent on the boards but I wanted to warn you guys on how easy it is to get caught in an unforeseen circumstance. I went long 66k SPY 30 seconds before the news hit today at 11 am. This is what happened. It was worse, down 90K at one point. Fought back wonderfully so I am happy with my performance.
  2. tough day..
  3. oh, forgot to mention. Sterling crashed for 4 minutes during this whole fiasco and I was flying blind. It was the icing on the cake today!
  4. Interesting, are you using spy as a hedge of some sort or just making a directional play?
  5. Sterling? That platform is dogshit. Why do you use it?
  6. congrats on posting an actual performance.

    you are now in the .1% of traders willing to do that, without a sister post showing how they made it all back + gains, at the same time.

    according to the twats on cnbc, this action is pure gold for them.
  7. well I have used
    some crappy mastertrader program

    Sterling isnt so bad in my experience. Today was a bad performance on their part.
  8. Bob111


    is that the number of executions on right side,next to ticker? C =3502 in one day?:eek:
  9. I felt your pain, thanks for sharing.
  10. Great post. Trading is a long, arduous journey and most do not survive to make it to the end.

    You will have problems and make mistakes throughout your career- it never just suddenly gets easy, in fact it usually gets harder as your betting sizes (and so your equity swings) get larger and larger.

    Anyone that tells newbies otherwise is basically a scammer..
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