Warning Signs: Elevated Markets & Bitcoin

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    I didn't watch this but whatever Consuelo Mack Richard Sylla says. I'm buying what he's selling.
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    "Markets are manic depressive, they can go from depths of despair to mania and they have
    always done this."
    ~ Kathy Kristof - Kiplinger's Personal Finance
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  4. Consuelo Mack rocks. Can't believe she's still going strong.
  5. Is she Hispanic with really, really short legs?
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    Bitcoin: Currency of the Future or Investment Mania? Bill Miller’s Transformative Innovation Case

  7. %%
    Always have; pineapples went from $8,000 early new buyers. Fast forward hundreds of years;James Dole pineapple plantations knocked it[ price] down......LOL:D:caution:
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    Do not be negative.
    Be positive.

    Do not look at it as a problem.
    Look at it as an opportunity.

    So stop sending warning sign.
    But send alarm signal.

    And during uptrend, go and long it.
    During downtrend, go and short it.
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    Could you give us a summary? It's 25 minutes long
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    1) In his hedge fund MVP1, 50% of the portfolio is in Bitcoin. He started with 5% but due to
    appreciation it sits at 50%. He is going to diversify without selling. Didn't say
    how. He is in at $350.

    2) There is an ICO coming up which he may be interested in ( didn't say which).

    3) Believes Bitcoin has past it's stage of greatest risk

    4) Likes the idea that it's an asset without being another's liability.

    5) Bitcoin is gaining legitimacy eg Japan accepting it as a legal tender, futures trading etc...

    6) Bitcoin is not going to replace the top 6 currencies but will be a threat to marginals eg Nigerian Naira, Argentinian Peso etc., where locals don't trust their currencies.

    7) Value of Bitcoin is now equivalent to AUDs in circulation.

    8) High volatility doesn't mean it can't function as currency, in history Deutsche Mark
    & Venezuelan Bolivar etc., has endured extreme volatility.
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