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  1. ack - looking for a larger move into the close. still did good on those long's though... ;)
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  2. R U changing your tune?

    It finished in the red!

    Why made your decide that it will be in the green? It would be helpful to know your thinking as I have never really understood why people would be at a top or sell at a bottom.
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  3. Doesn't matter if today was red. Market will probably surge 3-7% this week, Bull market cant be stopped. Market was red last money. Still ended the week up 3%.
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  4. Qs added another dollar lower. Where is the green even 24 hours later?

    Have you checked whether you are among the pikers club? Just joking my friend. I am still curious what made you so sure about a bet that I was sure it was wrong. :p
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  5. Qs are already more than 3% lower in less than a day. Why wait for 3% weekly gain, when you can make that in 3 hours. (In fact it is more as shorting requires less funds).

    People love to buy at tops, and sell at bottoms. :D
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  6. I saw the up-move coming but it wasn't as strong as I thought. I didn't buy at the bottom yesterday, but within 2% of it. Was still a good day. :) (FMD ftw)
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