Warning re NINJA Trader…….Warning

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  1. Ninja Trader ( NT ) does go into Auto trading automatically
    and will cost you plenty
    On the 10/11/08 got my biggest shock in my life when I discovered that Ninja Trader went automatically from recording in Sim , straight into LIFE TRADING ( I'm bases in Australia , Melbourne so I'm not trading everyday due to Time difference )
    As a result of this I lost a couple of thousands Dollars ,
    Ninja went from Recording in Sim , into Auto Execution ( based on ???? ) in Sim right into LIFE Trading on its own
    Ninja claim that this is impossible
    However I say that that Setting where not changed or any transaction where done due to the fact :I was sound asleep

    I'm quite prepared to sign ANY statuary declaration to this effect

    So if you want to stay with Ninja , be prepared to loose thousands …..
  2. Is English your first language, Manfred?
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    This has already occured in the past, but not with Ninja.

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  4. Sounds like you're careless--just put what's left into savings and take responsibility for your actions.
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  6. Although not entirely impossible, the probability of this happening is near nil.

    My advice: don't drink, trade, and then pass out.
  7. Pennies compared to what other tuition has cost others........ been using this for 2 years and never had a problem on over 7 computers running over 90 charts between Sim and production...Operator error my friend.
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    LMAO :D
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    what is ninja trader? Is a feature on TT ?
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    Watch out for him!
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