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  1. There is a thead regarding Open E Cry commissions, which also addresses disconnection and price data feed pause problem users are having.

    I am opening a new thread to address specifically Open E Cry connection and data feed issue.

    Thus. this major issue will not be hidden within another tread, as this is a serious problem, which needs to be brought to as many people as possible attention within the trading community, who have an account with them as well as those possibly seeking to establish an account.

    Hopefully, this will get Open E Cry attention to fix problems once and for all.

    As of 3/19:

    Disconnection from Open E Cry @ 3:07pm EDT for 2-minutes!

    Also, 30-second data feed pause @ 3:17pm EDT. Resulting in quotes, charts and DOM freezing-up!
  2. TikiTrader,

    Thank you for posting the Open E Cry commissions thread. I didn't know how to post it within this new thread.
  3. For those not familiar with how long Open E Cry has been having disconnect and data feed pause problems.

    These problems were first reported in the commissions thread (starting on page 2) on March 5th, 2008. It is now March 19th, 2008 (2-weeks!) and everyday within this time frame either combination of disconnects and pauses of data feed or just pauses of data feed have occured, and not just once a day, but multiple times every day!
  4. It is time they fix their problem before people start to leave in masses.
  5. While we are bashing OEC I figure I might as well bitch about them too. I just shorted 5 eurodollar contracts and guess what the commision was...............$25 rt per contract!!!!! Are you fucking kidding me? I know of full service brokers who could do it for that!!!

    Oh well my fault, I should of checked with them first. :mad:
  6. I hope no one signs up until they fix their issues.

    Lets smokem out and gettem runnin :D
  7. I wish they would fix it! I waited as long as my temper would allow before opening this thread, but I just couldn't take it anymore.

    I love their platform! And I don't want them to be hurt by this, but they have left us with no other recourse.

    Its really sad...Its bad enough trader's have to be concerned about losing money on trades, but we should never have to worry about the reliablity of our provider's connection and data feed. Let alone, ongoing problems for 2-weeks! They show us no respect or consideration.
  8. Any friends of IB, I mean friends of Open E Cry want to defend IB, I mean Open E Cry?
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