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  1. Babak


    If you're running Mozilla (any version) take precautionary steps to backup your bookmarks. This is a serious bug that so far, they have refused to fix. Its a ticking time bomb for users. It exploded in my face yesterday.

    Just a friendly note to others.
  2. zdreg


    thank you. what is a good way to back tham up?

    does the introduction of version1.0.7 change anything?
  3. This is a backup extension. I followed a link at the Mozillazine forums to get it. I just installed it myself so I can't say whether it's any good or not, but it's something you can try. I have been having a few other problems with Firefox after the latest update - some are apparently associated with the Google mail notifier extension. I uninstalled all my extensions and Firefox seems to be working ok again.

  4. Mozilla Firefox Bookmark Backup.

    Very easy.
    In toolbar click:
    Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> File -> Export.
    This will put your bookmarks into a html file of your choice. You can reload with "Import".

    Never heard about "blowing up" bookmarks. Backup is always smart.

    PS: Export + Import is also great to move your Firefox bookmarks from windoz to linux.
  5. Babak


    It is a good idea to back them up...which is why it should be an automatic process within Mozilla - as well it should be possible to recover easier.

    The fact that it isn't and the fact that Mozilla has neutron bombed thousands of people's bookmarks with no recourse makes it just idiotic on the part of Mozilla team - an otherwise with it group of techies.
  6. newtoet


    I have been using Mozilla for two years and never had an issue with bookmarks. But, thanks for the head's up.
  7. Babak


    I'm trying to recover some old bookmarks:

    futures commodities charts (can't remember name but had 30 min 60 min etc... for all sorts of commodities)

    sectors and underlying stocks (had a few for quickly burrowing into sectors and their stocks)

    Any help appreciated. :)
  8. Hi Babak

    That extension I posted will backup your bookmarks every time you close the program, but it still doesn't do much good for those of us who never shut off our computers - I sometimes have Firefox running for a day or two (or more) at a time. Just FYI.

    Fwiw, I agree with you - it's too bad that these guys couldn't get the details together before releasing this newest version. I love Firefox but it has caused me some problems lately. I stopped using T-Bird because it auto-deleted a huge folder full of emails - happened to be all my Amibroker saves from the Message boards and a bunch of formulae. The guys at the Mozilla site basically said 'sorry about that - shit happens'.
  9. I've had this problem intermittently ... thanks for the fix.
  10. cable


    Not to sound like a fanboy, but I've never had this happen on any of my systems or any of the many systems at work, on any platform. There must be a weird conflict or screwed up library somewhere on your system that I don't have (some of those extensions are buggier than three-month old roadkill). I've been using the original Mozilla Suite, then firefox or firebird or whatever it was originally called, since day one and haven't had this happen.

    The bookmark file is just one file named bookmarks.html in your (from memory) windows > application support > firefox > blah blah blah> directory (I'm assuming you're running Windows). On my Linux system anyway, there's also a bookmarks.bak file, which I would guess is a backup. Hopefully your backup is from before your crash.

    I have at times emailed my bookmarks file to my Yahoo email account so it's stored permanently on Yahoo's servers. When I was on Windows, I'd have to format pretty regularly, and having a backup offsite was handy to say the least.
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