Warning: Matrox Parhelia & Millenium P750 cards

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  1. I was just about to get a Millenium P750 to run three LCDs when I discovered at the last second that both it and the new Parhelia cards WILL NOT ALLOW INDEPENDENT APPLICATION OF EACH MONITOR!

    They will allow 3 monitors to be used, BUT ONLY IN STRETCHED MODE where you drag one application's window across all three monitors.

    These cards are thus not appropriate for trading.

    I just wanted to get that out to any of you who were considering getting those cards.

    The Matrox site is misleading, bragging about TripleHead capability but they don't mention that it's only for stretching mode. I went into the tech support forum and found a customer who had posed a question asking why he couldn't run each monitor independently, and they told him it was only for stretched mode.

    I e-mailed a Matrox rep who advised me to get a G550 AGP dual card and a G450 PCI.

    Are any of you running that configuration? If so, how easy/difficult is the installation?

    Again, this is for three LCDs, one analog and the other two digital/analog.
  2. I run 3 monitors on one G400 max agp and 1 G450 pci. Installation on Xp Home was uneventful and I have had no problems .
    Hope this helps
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    I have a G550 Dual Head, but I was advised not to take a G450 PCI in combination with the G550 because this could cause conflicts

    Now working with Appian Rushmore (Quad Card) Works fine
  4. Hmmm, the Matrox sales rep specifically recommended that 550 and 450 combination!

    Who advised you not to use them in conjunction with one another?

    How much was your Rushmore? Must've been a tidy chunk of change....
  5. yes, you are correct about the Parhelia. I had one installed on my pc last year and then connected the three monitors and had that bs stretched mode. It was not what I bargained for. So, now I just use it as a dual monitor card, an expensive one at that. I had another pc configured with a G550(AGP) and G450(PCI) but these tech guys could not get the two to work compatably. IMO, they were just being lazy, because I have seen that many many people on the Matrox site have completed this installation successfully.
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    Appian multi-head cards are great. Never had a problem with them on their own , and if you need them to, they work well with many other cards. Matrox make a quality product, but I often think they are overrated ; but they market their products well , hence there are plenty of matrox die-hards around. If you need multi-head, shop around.
  7. How about the P 650 ? Does it run applications independently ?
    I just ordered one to replace my G 550 ?!?
  8. Run 3 monitors on Matrox Millenium G550 and an older Matrox Mystique.

    No problems whatsoever under XP and/or W2k. Can do everything. (No gamer).

    Got it even to work under Linux with all 3 monitors.

    I would be scared to change anything because I know you can encounter lots of problems.
  9. If anyone has any doubts about using the P-750 or Parnelia graphics cards, just go over to Matrox's Customer Forum Site where you not only can READ the frustrating "troubleshooting" that has gone on, but FEEL the frustration of many Matrox consumers.


  10. -Does matrox Millenium P750 card allow 3 LCD displays?

    -Can all be in indepandent mode? what does mean by
    3rd on for feature display?

    I am using 2 LCD with this card, and need to add 3rd LCD,
    but seems P750 allow for 2 monitor & 1 LCD or 1 monitor
    & 2 LCD in the instrution.

    Is there someone who is using this card with three LCD
    all in indepandent mode (i have 2 LCD in "indepandent" mode
    now as opposed to another ET member who said that it can't
    be done, it not true.
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