**warning: Internet Explorer Has A Flaw - Hackers Can Steal Your Ib Password

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  1. Having my password won't do 'em much good anyway. And based on how anal IB is, I'd wager that if the saw a Chinese IP address log in, they might think something's up.

    That said, Firefox forever baby!
  2. I just downloaded Firefox with adblocker and I dont see anymore of the ads on elitetrader. What a great program...
  3. I wouldn't wish IB on the worst hacker...
  4. noscript is an excellent addon as well. Blocks a whole lot of javascript and flash crap that you generally don't want to see. You can selectively enable, disable per site on a temporary or permanent basis. Very good and makes your browser substantially more secure.
  5. ipatent


    Adblock Plus and Flashblock add-ons do the trick for me.
  6. If you add "remove it permanently" (RIP) you can get rid of whole sections of web pages as well. I use that to remove those areas where conventional ads are not present (sponsor lists for examples).
  7. If you install downloadhelper you can save youtube videos to your hard drive.

    many other cool add-on's, too
  8. tradersboredom

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    I wouldn't download this program.

    it might have bugs in it.

    and if youtube wanted people to download it why would they just let people download it.

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