(WARNING) I'm revealing a dirty secret about trading..

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  1. I shouldn't be telling you this but oh well let's go ahead... What I'm about to tell you isn't new, but its a good reminder for all you doubters... I have study the markets for years, and I will tell you that it's not easy to figure it out... BUT... If you have a system that works 50 percent of the time then you can make money...

    You see, trading is about MATH... Not only trading though, business is about math too (and emotions)... Now in order to make a system that works 50% of the time profitable, you will have to let the system capture trends (or big moves)... Your job is to pick or come up with a system that works at least 50% of the time.. Once you do that then you will trade multiple contracts...

    Now, I'm about to say something very important so listen up... You will have to come up with 2 or 3 or 4 etc profit targets... For example, if you are trading 2 contracts then you can take profits when it reach 2 points, and let the second contract ride... When you do your backtesting, then you will know exactly where to take profits on each contract...

    This right here will keep you in the game.. You don't have to believe anything I said or take me serious, but you should if you want to make money..
  2. y dont you post a few real time trades so we can see how its done by a renowned master
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  4. This.

    There are too many "gurus" on ET.

    I can explain the secret of boxing, too: dodge your opponents punches and hit him back where he's open.
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    you do that ...
  6. and if you have a system that fail 50 percent of the time ?

    Is the same secret ?
  7. Re read my post... then do some backtesting and you will see the proof...
  8. It seems to me what you're suggesting is to scale out. Correct?
  9. Yea on big moves....
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    If trading was all about math, then LTCM and every other quant firm that has blown up would still be in business.

    And every mathematician and engineer would be a trader. And that is clearly not the case. Your opinion lacks merit and facts.
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