Warning: Funny japan shit.

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  1. or couples out there who'd like to live out their doctor-patient fantasies, this Vaginal Speculum might be the perfect accessory. We all know that when it comes to relationships it's what inside that counts, so why not give your partner a glimpse of what lies deep inside you? If he stays with you after that, you know you've got a keeper.

    LOL WTF!

    If you're involved in the adult film industry, this Bukkake Cum Lotion can be an incredible time-saver. When directing a porno movie, directors are always faced with the problem of not having enough man-juice on hand. Now you can cover yourself and others with a concoction that feels like the real thing!


    and Boroscopes!

    Hey honey I would love to shove a camera up your ass like being in the doctors office??

    Lots of exotic medical equipment


    Japan is crazy.

    Thunder GOD Penis wrap
    The Thunder God Power Hard Type Penis Wrap is an amazingly useful accessory for any man wants to add both girth for his partner and stimulation for himself. With this amazing silicon wrap-around you gain a noticeable increase in girth that she is sure to go crazy for.

    Yeah I can see that on a date, opening up this box like your gonna wrap a samurai sword. :)


    We cannot stop laughing busting balls on the guys, poor Japanese trader guys though are cool.
  2. Good thing you told me what that is for. I would have thought it was a cooking utensil.