WARNING for anyone thinking of trading Tues.March 18th WARNING

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  1. this was RIGHT ON!!!
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  2. GTS


    :confused: On what planet?

    "75bps cut and market does a little move up 100-200 and then drops some..ends -50-100 down.."
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  3. C'mon... let the poor guy feel good about himself. Whats the harm in letting him believe he's a market guru?
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    shorted all day and feel like a dumbass, is that the same as guilty
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  5. The only explanation I have for the market increase after the .75bps rate cut, albeit it was below expecations:

    When the stocks were weak, retail traders liquidated their positions, and MM's & specialists loaded up on shares. The market going up before the announcement did not achieve the needed comfort level yet for buyers (or there wasn't yet a sufficient profit margin for the MM's & specialists), so they brought the market up--after the rate cut as well.
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    www2.barcharts.com/momentum.asp go to bottom of page, theres another reason
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. Copied it to my URL & didnt work.
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  9. DJIA moved above its 50 day moving average ... thats how powerful the rally is... its still continuing..

    How wrong you can be when you enter into this business of Fortune telling?

    Instead we ended up getting a massive rate cut and a huge 410 point rally..

    Hehehehehehe!!! I am laughing ...
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    go to barcharts .com ,click markets on top left, on left side of page click momentum, scroll down to botttom and see how many stocks were under there 20,50,100.200 day moving avg, and still are
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