WARNING for anyone thinking of trading Tues.March 18th WARNING

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  1. EXACTLY!!!!!
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  2. right.. what is he 12th man on the deal team--last to know?
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  3. And should you make money tomorrow by shorting, don't forget to feel guilty.
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  4. patoo


    Volatility = bucks in wallet

    Bring it on!

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  5. .75bps cut and market does a little move up 100-200 and then drops some..ends -50-100 down..
    1.00bps cut and it soars 200-300
    1.25bps and it goes up DOW 500-600 points
    .50bps cut and it goes down DOW 500-600 points...thoughts...agree?..in any matter...could be a DOW high/low range of 500-700 points...at least 400...
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  6. patoo


    Who cares which way it moves. It just has to move the same direction for awhile. Lets not try to predict what "they" are gonna do
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  7. up or down, i am making money, lots of money
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  8. S2007S


    doubt it...........
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  9. How short are you? Better get out of the way before 2:15 EST.

    Do you know that the last 3 Fed rate cuts have produced sustainable massive rallies in the markets? Just go back and flip through the charts. DOW has moved a 1000+ points on those occasions.

    Stop pounding this doom and gloom and negativity. We certainly can do without you. After all there won't be a recession in this country...
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  10. Just flip through the charts and see yourself sustainable rallies emerging after Fed rate cuts for days to come. Its not a one day event, it builds on its own. The bottom is already in today. Upside can just surprise you since everything is so cheap.

    You can sit on the sidelines and try to short it on strength when you can, I fully expect insecure cowards to come out and take profits and run for the hills in utter desperation as if there is no tomorrow in this great country called America!
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