WARNING for anyone thinking of trading Tues.March 18th WARNING

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  1. I needed to put this out here...tomorrow may see the most massive move from high to low in days...look at everything happening tomorrow, tues march 18:
    1-Goldman Sachs earnings before market open
    2-Lehman brothers earning before market open
    3-housing starts 8:30am est
    4-PPI 8:30am est
    5-events from yesterday (Bear Stearns, FED cutting lending rate)
    7-FOMC announcement at 2:15pm est...

    WARNING:...to trade tues march 18th is nothing to fool with...please do your research...
  2. Yeah, I sure would hate to trade on a volatile day like that. I'll wait for a shortened holiday session to go for the big bucks.
  3. 8. Visa IPO on Wed
  4. I'm usually more of a swing trader, but tomorrow is gonna be rapid in and out. All those events you just posted are good for daytraders.
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    I think the 2:15 rate cut is going to make up about 90% of what the market does tomorrow.....

    anything 50bp or less the market falls apart, the bulls are BEGGING for a 1% drop in rates so I guess bernanke will listen and drop them a whole 1%

    Lets hope they keep the rates unchanged because thats what they should do....

    let the market take its own path for a while...
  6. Who the hell names themselves turkeyneck


  7. Amen. I've got my eye on this Friday. Vol should be very low. Excellent opportunity.
  8. could tomorrow, this week, literally begin the "top" for Gold, Euro, 10 year and the 'bottom' for DOW, S&P, Dollar??...could this really be it?..depending on the news, decisions of this week...it really could be 'reversal' week...agree?
  9. I thought Globex etc. is closed this FRiday?
  10. Ya gotta just love it!!!!!!!!!
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