WARNING: Carrying Positions Overnight is not Supported

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  1. On NinjaTrader website, http://www.ninjatrader.com/webnew/support_TradingTechnologies.htm , there is a warning:
    Carrying Positions Overnight is not Supported

    NinjaTrader does not support the reporting of overnight positions when trading through Trading Technologies (TT). The TT server environment is highly flexible which results in non-uniform position reporting through the TT API to NinjaTrader from one broker to the next. We advise you NOT to carry positions overnight (between sessions) since NinjaTrader will inaccurately report your position which can adversely affect your account.
    If I trade E-mini S&P, does that mean I MUST liquidate my ES position by 4:15pmEST?, and then re-positition when market opens at 4:30pmEST? does that mean I MUST liquidate my ES position by 5:30pmEST?, and then re-positition when market opens at 6:00pmEST? What happens if I hold postion through session breaks? Could anyone clarify this please?
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    This is the second time here someone has mentioned a problem with the TT feed and NT. Is this a feed issue for other platforms that use it or just a Ninja problem?
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    This is not a NinjaTrader problem.

    TT does not provide a consistent approach across all FCM's to report positions between sessions. TT has recently put in some changes to allow overnight handling should any FCM choose to support and properly configure this on their server. We just made changes in our software for our upcoming version 7 to support this optional change. This is currently in the testing phase.

    All of our other broker technologies do support position reporting between sessions.

    To answer the 1st post, positions will NOT rollover once your FCM bounces their TT Fix adapter. You would need to check with your broker about the time they bounce their server.
  4. Exactly why to ONLY use ZENFIRE feed when you trade with Ninjatrader.......just my $.02! :)