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  1. I downloaded the new "important security update" as soon as ZA warned me to do so. I then installed it. My email software immediately lost its ability to communicate with my ISP's server. I checked the Zone Labs forums and discovered other users were having a host of problems with this update, and some of them were even having exactly the same issue as me. I uninstalled ZA, and re-installed the previous version. This immediately fixed my email problem. So my advice is to skip this update, and wait for the next one.
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    Thanks for the headsup. :)
  3. I downloaded the update with no problems at all :D
  4. use sygate
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    no problems here - must be on your end
  6. No problems here with Thunderbird. :D
  7. No probs here either - CQG, Tradestation, IB, Outllook, Firefox, Spysweeper, Viruscan Enterprise.

    Did you install it by doing a "Clean Install"? This wipes your previous settings, but is recommended by ZL. ZoneAlarm is a great product - but I would also recommend a Hardware Firewall - so cheap these days (or an old Linux box to do that job).
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    Look at their message board. Lots of people (including me) had lots of trouble with it. Even the "fixed" updated seems to have problems, too. Very disappointing - ZL products were solid and stable for a long time.
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    No problem here. Downloaded new update, and everything works perfect.
  10. Some people NEVER learn.
    Do a search on ZA. You'll see that it's a chronical illness.
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