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  1. I would suggest to not download the new version of Transact trading platform, especially if you have the old version. If you are switching computers hopefully you have a copy of the old version for now. I am sure these changes have not been talked about too much and hopefully is not the results for all firms who settled with TT. I think it started at the first of the year but the new downloads of Transact have big changes to them to comply with the TT settlement. I am sure it is only a matter of time until all users of the software have to switch over.

    Some of the changes are when you move your mouse to the market depth on the bid or offer side, all the sizes disappear in the entire column as long as your mouse is over the bid or offer side. This will sure complicate trying to hits bids and lift offers if you can't see what you are hitting. IF you put a bid or offer in off the market you have to move your mouse back outside of that column for the all of the depth sizes to reappear.
  2. Must not be that many other Transact Execution Platform users out there. Someone else told me this same information today. Hopefully not all firms that settle with TT are going to change their platforms to look like this. Right now it only effects those that download the new software but I too am guessing that later this year they are going to have to start enforcing it on their existing clients.
  3. Is it still possible to download the old version somewhere?
  4. Not that I know of unless you can find someone who downloaded the old version onto their computer and still have it. Although in the big picture that will probably only be a short term fix. I know they started charging a fee for their software unless you are doing a certain amount of volume on it which is a fairly new fee. I certainly would not want to pay the fee if that is the version you get or if you would have to eventually switch to this new version.
  5. Anyone archived the old version?!

  6. Yes, I have an archived version. Looks like I downloaded it on 9/22/05.
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    ALL platforms will have to conform to these restrictions because of the patents. The only platform you can get the same TT features on the dome is Ninjatrader because of their deall with TT. So any platform you use that has a price ladder will have the same or similar restrictions.
  8. Well, that maybe, but for now the older version of Transact's platform still works as intended.