Warmth Favors Canadian Prairies Crops ( Thursday 07/12/2012 ).

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    Thursday 07/12/2012

    Warmth Favors Canadian Prairies Crops

    The weather during July has been mostly favorable for crops across Canada's main crop zones. A turn to much warmer temperatures coupled with adequate and still some surplus soil moisture has allowed crops to make excellent advancement.
    Most crops are rated as good but across portions of Manitoba there have been some reports of heat stress during the past few days. Some severe weather has been reported during the past couple of weeks resulting in some wind and hail damage across portions of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

    Weather patterns across western Canada have provided plentiful rains during the spring and early summer keeping soil moisture adequate to surplus. Temperatures started out quite mild during the spring but fell off a little during the late spring and early summer leading to a slowdown in early crop development for some areas. The recent turn to much warmer weather is a result of the northward shift of the jet stream.

    Much of Alberta and Saskatchewan have received normal to 125 percent of normal rainfall so far during July helping to maintain adequate to surplus soil moisture conditions. Only the far south has seen less than normal rainfall but the accumulated rains of the spring have helped maintain good soil moisture conditions. Temperatures have been warmer and much more favorable for crop development during the past week with some good advancement being reported.

    More than two-thirds of fall cereals are in the heading stage. 50 percent of canola reached the rosette stage as of the first week of July. Southwest portions of Saskatchewan are reporting more than 50% of canola in the flowering stage.

    July rains across Manitoba have been more variable due to the scattered nature of summer showers and thundershowers. Most areas have received less rain to date in July than across Saskatchewan and Alberta and a little more rain would be helpful since recent heat has begun to deplete soil moisture. Reports of wind and hail damage from early in the month in some areas are still being assessed.

    While most Manitoba farmers report rapid advancement of crops during the past week, a few report some heat stress. Canola crops across most of Manitoba are transitioning from the flowering to the pod stage at this time.

    The weather outlook continues to generally favorable for the Prairies. Hot and mostly dry weather across the region at this time should continue into the weekend before a trend to cooler temperatures and showers occurs later in the weekend into early next week. A low pressure area will arrive across the region later Sunday into Monday providing showery rains and possibly a few stronger thunderstorms for southern areas. Temperatures will decline to near normal levels by early next week. Mostly dry and seasonably warm weather will be favorable for crops during the middle and end of next week.

    -Doug Webster

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