Warmongering Republicans want Iran war

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  1. "Britain's response to the seizure of its sailors and marines has been branded weak by Republicans in Washington. John Bolton, until recently the US ambassador to the UN, described the Government's incremental approach as "pathetic".

    He said that Mr Blair should be threatening "real pain, real economic sanctions" unless Iran released the sailors immediately.

    Newt Gingrich, the former speaker of the House of Representatives, urged Britain to threaten military force to destroy Iran's petroleum industry.

    If the West used naval power to force Iranians to "go back to walking and using oxen to pull carts", the people might overthrow the ayatollahs, he suggested."

  2. Good. Take care of it before 08 rolls around. Glad someone realizes this country is our enemy.
  3. Looks like the repugniklans have no other issue than trying to scare people... pathetic turds.
  4. Looks like the demoKKKrats need another wake up call to understand the fact that we have enemies that will attack us unprovoked. How God-awful sad.
  5. iran never, ever waged a pre-emptive war in its history.
  6. Glad you picked a side, Bit. I'll choose the other team.

  7. sorry, i dont take sides in wars. only side i take is the opposite to propaganda.
  8. That's fine. I do pick sides. I usually take the non-terrorists. Take care and good trading.
  9. Thanks for the video.
    After watching, I'll have to agree with your comment "I take the side opposite of propaganda".
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