warming and the reds

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  2. Excellent video! I'm surprised that no one has commented on it.
  3. Well, after listening to the first 5 minutes of radical left diatribe I would guess most people figure the next 35 minutes will be more of the same.....America is to blame for everything, everywhere.
    Here's a message to the rest of the world about global warming, and damn near everything else. We've done all we're going to do, your turn!!
    I wish it were so, but we'll just keep doing all the heavy lifting while the rest of you ungrateful bastards sit in the cheap seats making cat calls. Suit up, take some hits and maybe your comments will have some value. Until then, your bullshit falls on deaf ears.
  4. Wow, you listened for a full 5 minutes?! Certainly no one can accuse you of being CaptainOblivious.
  5. 5 minutes, 500 minutes, 5 million minutes, it's the same nonsense of the radical left. America causes all the worlds problems, and everything was perfect prior to 2001. You want someone to listen, change the tune. Until then..........chirp, chirp.
  6. I understand. Some people are just too busy knowing to waste any valuable time learning.
  7. That 6 months went quickly...

    "New Year’s Resolution: Minimum 6-Month “Sabbatical” from ET"

  8. Learn? There was nothing to learn from that video. Same old song. Listen, I don't dispute that global warming exists. It's the how and the why that are in question. I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I do know this....It ain't all on America and George Bush. There are plenty of other contributing countries and people.
    When I do research the first thing I look for is a lack of political agenda and bias. The video posted failed that sniff test within 30 seconds.
  9. I agree that not only America is to blame for global warming. That goes without saying, and to suggest otherwise would be absurd. However, no other country seems to be quite as involved in such a blatant campaign of misinformation as the US. Notably, the same lobbyists who dismissed smoking as being linked to cancer are now disputing either the relevance, existence or cause of global warming. Interestingly, some of the same "scientists" as well! And no other Administration has hobbled the free speech of scientists to the extent of the Bush Administration, which is effectively working hand in hand with the lobbyists and the oil interests. That is the basis of the video. We all know it is true, but this documentary lays it all out in digestible, bite-sized portions with the key players involved.
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    You don't even need to see first 5 minutes if you realize who posts the link.:D :D :D
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