Warmest Half Year On Record For U.S. Mainland

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  1. nothing to worry about. the right wing climate deniers on et have declared global warming science is fake.

    Yes, it really is getting hot out there. A new report finds that the past 12 months have been the warmest on record for the mainland United States.

    According to the NOAA National Climatic Data Center's "State of the Climate: National Overview for June 2012" report released Monday, the 12-month period from July 2011 to June 2012 was the warmest on record (since recordkeeping began in 1895) for the contiguous United States, with a nationally-averaged temperature of 56.0 degrees, 3.2 degrees higher than the long-term average.

    According to the report, every single state in the contiguous U.S. except for Washington saw warmer-than-average temperatures during this time period. The period from January to June of this year also has been the warmest first half of a year on record for the U.S. mainland.
  2. Wow, since 1895. That's a whole 117 years. Quite a slice of time. Not! Let's forget about the billions of years the earth was forming. Let's just go back to say, the period of the dinosaurs which became extinct about 65 million years ago, and they walked the earth for about 165 million years before that. Let's just round it out to the last 200 million years. How many climate changes occurred prior to this little blip? Many of them much more dramatic than this, and I'm not even talking about major ice ages. Just good sized shifts. And you want to get all worked up about this tiny little sliver of time? This last .0000006% of time? And you call this science? You're joking, right?

    However did we survive the last shift which lasted 600 years and not all that long ago? And managed to do it without taxing anyone.

    One could easily argue that the last 150 years of warming is just the earth balancing things out on it's own.
  3. Climate change, yes....global warming, not so fast.

    Do you know how much snow NYC got last year? Insanity. This year, almost none. No doubt the weather is changing but there seems to be no rhyme or reason.

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    A recent study by researchers at Duke University and the Army Research Office has found new evidence of a link between solar flare activity and the earth's temperature. The work is another contribution to the ongoing debate over global warming and its causes. A strong link between solar flares and our climate, if it exists, could override the influence humans have on the temperature of our environment. One of the challenges of determining the connection between solar flare activity and the atmosphere stems from the fact that the motion of the air that blankets our planet is turbulent and complex. A sudden burst of solar activity would, in effect, be smeared out by moving air and its interaction with the earth's surface. Any temperature increase caused by a given period of solar flare activity would be difficult to determine, at best. Rather than focus on such challenging one-to-one correlations, the new study compares the form of the statistical fluctuations in solar flare activity with the form of the statistical fluctuations of the earth's temperature. The researchers (contact: Bruce J. West, 919-549-4257) explain that solar flare activity can be characterized by a type of statistics described by a Levy distribution, which is generated by a "Levy-walk." (Many natural phenomena, from foraging patterns of spider monkeys to complex hydrodynamic flows, are well described by Levy walks, although the coefficients in the relevant equations typically vary from one phenomenon to another. See Update 510-3 for one example.) Analyses of global and local temperature fluctuations are also well described by a Levy-walk. In fact, a comparison of the mathematical coefficients that describe the fluctuations suggest to the researchers that the atmosphere directly inherits its temperature fluctuations from the variation in solar flare activity. Unless some other underlying cause is responsible for the unlikely correspondence between solar flares and the earth's temperature, the research suggests that for the large part variations in global temperatures are beyond our control and are instead at the mercy of the sun's activity. (Nicola Scafetta and Bruce J. West, Physical Review Letters, 20 June 2003)
  5. I blame God.
  6. good thing we have an et intelligensia such as yourself to set the climate scientists who do this for a living straight.

    Doesn't it seem odd that the "evidence falsifing global warming" is completely hidden from the greatest human minds who spend their professional lives exploring how the universe functions, yet it is perfectly clear to uneducated simpletons who have access to internet-linked terminals?
  7. Who's paying them? The governments that want more reasons to tax you.

    Thank you very much. I'll be here all week.
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    For creating man?
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    The US governments military requires burning 340,000 barrels of crude a day to operate.

    Therefore the US government does not believe that global warming is a man made issue and is taking no action to squash such concerns.
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    Mankind's dependence on cereal grain harvests does not care about "billion of years". Worldwide, farmers are trying to adapt to hotter, drier growing conditions, despite the extra snowfall in NYC last year.
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