Warmer Weather is coming to the USA!

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  1. Notice we don't see coronavirus outbreak in warmer southern states like Florida, Ga, AL, MS, LA, Texas,... it seems the flu flourishes in the cooler temperature (do you know flu season tends to peak in Jan/Feb time frame).

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  2. dozu888


    40 degrees latitude is where it spreads the most.

    look at india, australia, africa, south america.... virtually no spreads, other than some imported cases.
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  3. ElCubano


    It’s hot as hell down here. Miami went into mandatory lockdown today.
  4. Buy1Sell2


    Wuhan-19 is essentially over. The state government response will not be though for quite a while.
  5. Pekelo


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  6. dozu888


    because politicians are all going CYA mode... as I been saying... there is no reason whatsoever for the mass shut down for a fcking flu.
  7. S2007S


    Cali is in lockdown and they have warm temps so where are we going with this?
  8. ElCubano


    New York has roughly 60% of all cases then it drops off drastically Florida being like 9th spot at like 1600 we have 12 million pop. Cali has like 2000 cases out of the 61,000 reported in the US. I think the fact that we are not at our offices, people are more aware social distancing and also the heat at least for everything outdoors will turn this into a thing of the past. or like Dozu likes to say A Nothing burger hold the mayo.
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  9. dozu888


    because these governers in them sissy socialist states are... sissies.
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