Wardrobegate is a dud

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  1. just like troppergate

    troppergate went nowhere, and neither did the rumors about palin seperationist party or the bridge to nowhere, teen pregnancy, and any of that other nonsense. NO one cares except boo hoo hoo 'we are in a recession' liberals.

    Obama still can't appeal to those working, hard working Americans. He is still an elitist. He can;t relate to working, middle Americans like Joe the Plumber, phil the Brick Layer, and Tom the Teacher.

    Maybe liberals are offended by palin's expensive wardrobe because most liberals are (lets face it) poor and or cheap.
  2. Yes,
    Liberals are poor and cheap. that's why elitist Obama can't relate to the Brick layer, the plumber and the teacher.

    It makes perfect sense
  3. sg20


    Typical Democratic party members.

  4. http://www.electoral-vote.com/

    Please look at this map and tell my why all the states with the money and millionaires and all the intelligence are voting for Obama, and the states that accept government welfare and are filled with rednecks support McCain. This is a great critical thinking exercise for you. You see, little man, the productivity in this country comes from the states colored in BLUE. Without the states in BLUE this country would cease to function.

    Maybe this would help you think too

    G-d help you all.
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    I'd be happy, and am happy to trust God. It seems a lot of folks today want to trust a new messiah. Good luck with that.

    Your statement above about the red staters being happy to accept welfare, but voting for mccain goes right back to the ol what's wrong with kansas argument that is constantly made.

    Maybe one of the enlightened on the left could tell us why soros, buffet, et al support Obama. Well, why are they voting against their economic interests?
    Can we expect any books in the near future explaining what dunces they are for voting against their economic interests?

    And while we're at it, since this is a trading forum, why are there so many obama supporters posting around here when the party he runs with keeps advocating things like transaction taxes and other nonsensicals that would absolutely destroy the trading business. Perhaps they aren't really traders, or maybe they are just plain IDIOTS. I'll be waiting for the book titled "what's wrong with traders who support Obama."
  6. you're just too fucking stupid for me to waste my time explaining to you, ask one of the wingnuts to enlighten you, loser
  7. Seriously now... are you OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND!!!!!!!!!!!?

    You have yet to post ONE single credible relevant thing ! What the flying FUCK is wrong with guys lke you??????.Did you forget to join the human race at birth or did you just drop out a long time ago!

    Have you lost all semblance of honor and sold your soul just because you dislike Obama?!
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    Wow! Typical liberal response. No facts or any discernible reasonable argument in sight. Just insults, mud-slinging, and obscenities. C'mon man, really. Do you have anything of interest to say?

    What stock_trad3r postulated up front makes sense: these Palin-gate things are all hollow and made to attract attention to nothing, that's why they all die. His implication is that the Dems are using them to excite the less intelligent part of their electoral spectrum.

    May not have been the words that I would have chosen, but it rings true to me. How about you? Seriously?
  9. I think your perception that these topics are "dead" is probably because you haven't seen them on the news lately.

    Fox is running all Ayers all the time, from what I understand, so it's natural that you think these scandals are dead.

    However, the shows I'm watching which include the Daily Show, Mclaughlin Group, etc. are either running with it or going to be running with it.

    Why? It's simple to understand. Republicans promoted Palin as "of the people" (a propaganda technique that's been known since WWII, by the way) -- then it's revealed that she's not "of the people" at all.

    Republicans got smacked in the face by their own propaganda techniques, and the press loves to tear down. In two years, they'll rehabilitate her in the news and tell us how she was just misunderstood. Same thing with Bush.

  10. Dukakis, we agree, stock_trader has very strong analytical skills.
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