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    Israel-I notice how Israel is not involved involved in the 2 iraq wars or in Afgan- why doesnt the Israeli army/air force fight? As usual its left to the USA/UK/french to solve the world probs ( the Germans to scared to fight ) and the Russians dont get involved either, history repeats
  2. Israel is a country slightly bigger than Fiji. Its GDP is slightly higher than Kazakhstan and a little less than wisconsin. Why should they waste their very limited resources when we got them covered. They have enough worries with their neighbors than to go fight another war.
  3. It's also probably not a good idea for them to get involved with fighting Muslims.
  4. That's what AIPAC is for; to coerce, cajole, and otherwise strong arm our elected officials into supporting anything Israel wants or does foreign policy-wise, regardless of how morally corrupt it may be.
  5. The IDF is probably the finest fighting force in the world, in every battle, they have completely annihilated their enemies including the entire might of the whole arab world of 500 million against them. TBH, with the right projection power capabilities, on a hypothetical one on one situation, the IDF could take out britain in less than two weeks.
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