War with Iran?

Discussion in 'Strategy Building' started by cmptrgeek, Sep 19, 2006.

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    Since I believe we are about to go to war with Iran (Invade)... I am curious to some of the strategies you pros out there will implement to make gains on this event?

    Note: I don't buy into the "Making Money From The Headlines." Just looking for lessons from some you experienced folk.
  2. Invade Iran? No way in hell after the Iraq fiasco. We may bomb a few of their nuke facilities, or better yet, let Israel do it.

    I wouldn't be holding your breath for the US to invade anyone else for awhile.

    But theoretically speaking, buy oil futures.
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    Go long crude oil futures. The invasion or attack will happen. It's not a matter of if, but when. Falling crude prices demand that it happens.
  4. USA, Great Britain, Australia and Allies etc vs Iraq insurgents ...who won? Nobody! Just losers.
    USA vs Iran will be even more of an embarrasment.
    Even Bush and Cheney aren't THAT stupid!

    ...or are they??
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    'Even Bush and Cheney aren't THAT stupid!'

    Don't know about Bush, but Cheney sure can pull any breed of rabbit out of the hat........better watch out!
  6. I am sure they ARE... :D

    With the steep correction for the last few weeks, gold may be the trade... perhaps time to buy the dips.
  7. Wow, pretty bold question for post #1
  8. haha yes very bold..
  9. we arent going to war with iran or bombing iran - bush is just going to blah blah blah about it
  10. The Bush Cheney fiasco squad have already proven themselves to either be incredibly incompetent...or extremely competent with regards to their real objectives...

    Any move that this administration can make which would increase the price of oil cannot be ruled out...

    Their continual rhetoric alone has cost the world hundreds of billions in higher oil payments...

    The Bush Cheney ties to the oil industry are old and deep...even to the extent that the most robust and intelligent market does not have an alternative energy plan...

    What is true is that they have already won their game...mission has already been accomplished in that oil and oil related companies are up several fold during their watch....

    The question is...do they want more ???
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